SEAD: White Papers

Call for White Papers

SEAD Network for Sciences, Engineering, Arts and Design announces a call for White Papers on issues facing the international community seeking to enhance transdisciplinary collaboration

We are seeking to survey concerns, roadblocks and opportunities, and solicit proposed actions for enhancing collaboration between sciences and engineering with practitioners in arts and design. These position papers will be submitted as part of a report to NSF and the community from the SEAD network in the summer of 2013. With grateful appreciation for US funding, we recognize that activity connecting the sciences, engineering, to arts and design is international and, furthermore, that global involvements are essential in today’s economy. Therefore we are interested both in what US collaborators can learn from experiences in other countries, and vice versa, institution or region specific issues, and also in how to foster collaborations that bridge beyond regions to nations. Cultural cross-fertilization via the SEAD network – whether from disciplinary, organizational or ethnic perspectives – is a vital component of our purpose and goals.

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SEAD White Papers review process

Draft in progress.

By October 15: 
We identify a panel of reviewers. Assuming 75 papers, the panel consists of 5 people reviewing 15 papers each. (Better, 7 or 8 people review about 10 papers each.)

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SEAD suggested actions

See this document for an example of suggested actions to include in White Papers