Template Guidelines: SEAD Five-Year Update

We are expecting a large number of updates to be submitted for the November 1, 2015 deadline. Organizers will then have the task of reading these updates to generate the SEAD five-year report. To make this process feasible, please work with us by following these guidelines:

  • For each submitted topic, we need just a MAXIMUM of one sentence summary that is followed  by a brief explanation of its relationship to the SEAD study.
  • Please, keep the total length of the submission to fewer than 500 words. Include reference URLs either following the entry or inline.

For instance:

1. There’s an increasing interest in the conjunction of IT infrastructure, global urbanism, architecture, software, state and postpolitics under the rubric of “infrastructure studies.” (Brief explanation of its relationship to the SEAD study). Keller Easterling, Geoffrey Bowker, Paul Edwards, among a range of people. (Reference links to authors below or inline).

Please contact Carol LaFayette <lurleen@viz.tamu.edu> for more information or to raise issues/suggestions. We want to make this process as straightforward as possible, aiming to yield an analysis with potential to influence our colleagues and other decision makers.