Published Monday, April 30, 2012

SEAD Working Group on White Papers

The SEAD Working Group on White Papers is assembled in response to the following two objectives from US NSF NEA workshops: a) The NSF NSEAD workshop at MICA suggested the development of White Papers for research and advocacy leading to a common platform (Beyond Productivity 2 report as a follow on to Beyond Productivity, the report issued by the US National Research Council and directed by William Mitchell); present at conferences 2012-13.

The purpose of the working group is to develop a report with proposed actions to address new opportunities or roadblocks to improve collaboration between science and engineering and arts and design. The report will also analyze existing reports issued internationally over the last ten years and develop a meta-analysis of these previous reports.

An Open call to the International Community has been issued to invite submission of White Papers.

Carol LaFayette
Principal Investigator

Rodrigo Guinski
Assistant Coordinator

The SEAD Working Group on White Papers is chaired by Roger F Malina, ATEC, UT Dallas and co chaired by Carol Strohecker, Center for Design Innovation, University of North Carolina system.

An international steering committee is being assembled to oversee the process and approve the final report.