Published June 18, 2012

Final White Papers

Report and meta-analysis

Below are the abstracts for white papers that authors are now developing

Education Focus Program [EFP] An Independent Curriculum At Grassroots Level
Coordinator : Irene Agrivina

‘How To Enable Science/Engineering To Arts & Humanities’ Or Conversely ‘Collaborative In Spirit-Only: Keeping An Open Mind On Collaboration Across Disciplines’ Or ‘How To Make A Scientist Run-Like-Hell From An Artists’ Collaboration Inquiries’
Coordinator: Krisanne Baker

The Human Project
Coordinator: Saulo Faria Almeida Barretto

Ex-Scribing The Choroegraphic Mind – Dance & Neuroscience In Collaboration
Coordinator: Glenna Batson

Transdisciplinarity: Challenges, Approaches And Opportunities At The Cusp Of History
Coordinator: Martha Blassnigg

Gathering STEAM: Bridging The Arts And Sciences To Expand Public Interest In Science, Technology, Engineering, And Math
Coordinators: Marjory Blumenthal and Ken Goldberg

Creative Artificially-Intelligent Agents For The Arts: An Interdisciplinary Science-And-Arts Approach
Coordinator: Jonas Braasch

DXARTS : Lessons From A Decade Of Hybrid Arts And Sciences Education
Coordinator: Shawn Brixey

using ‘Processing’ As A Stimulus For Producing STEAM
Coordinator: Ron Brown

A New Ecology Of Learning: Ecological Systems As Pedagogical Models
Coordinator: Pavel Cenkl

Science-Art Interactions In Asia With Particular Reference To India
Coordinator: Dr. Krishna Kumari Challa

Bridging The Divide: Collaboration, Communication And Education In Art And Science
Coordinator: Nathan Cohen

Media Art History International
Coordinator: Sean Cubitt

Using Smart Games And Immersive 3d Cloning Technology As A Tool For Highly Personalized & Social Contextual Interactive Learning And Teaching In All Levels Of Formal, Online, Industrial And Personal Education
Coordinator: Carol Davis

Davis & Strathmann: A Case Study In Ip Arising In Art/Science Performance Research And Transdisciplinary Collaboration
Coordinator: Josie E. Davis

Exploring A Model Of Inter-Disciplinarity Based On Collective Action Theories
Coordinators: Cristina Miranda de Almeida and Benjamin Tejerina

Paradigm Shift
Coordinator: Jean Delsaux

Interdisciplinary Courses, Positions, PhD, In Italy
Coordinator: Michele Emmer

Between Barriers And Prospects: Merging Art Performance And Engineering In Mobile Music Education And Research
Coordinator: Georg Essl

Bridging the Silos: Curriculum Development in the
Arts, Sciences and Humanities
Coordinator: Kathryn Evans

A Digital Arts Community Within HCI
Coordinator: Jill Fantauzzacoffin

An Integrated Art And Engineering Undergraduate Course
Coordinator: Jill Fantauzzacoffin

From Installation To Innovation
Coordinator: Jill Fantauzzacoffin

The Landscape Of Stead In Brazil And The United Kingdom: A Comparative Study
Coordinators: Bronac Ferran and Felipe Fonseca

SEAD: To Success And Succession. Drawing On Pioneering Works And Forming A New Infrastructure
Coordinator: Bronac Ferran

Learning Computing Through Game Experiences
Coordinator: P. Fishwick

Anti-Disciplinary Collaboration
Coordinator: Felipe Fonseca

British Heart Foundation Centre Of Research Excellence (BHF Core) Artists Residency Programme
Coordinator: Chris Fremantle

DIWO (Do-It-With-Others): Artistic Co-Creation As A Decentralized Method Of Peer Empowerment In Today’s Multitude
Coordinator:  Marc Garrett

Data Sonification; An Emerging Opportunity For Graduate Music Schools To Expand Research In An Art And Science Collaboration
Coordinator: Scot Gresham-Lancaster

Citizen Art and Science as Enablers of New Public School Excellence Initiatives
Coordinator: Molly Hankwitz, Phd

Environmental Equity: Enabling Excellence In Media Art And Science In Under-Served Communities
Coordinator: Molly Hankwitz, Phd

Emergence Of New Institutions For Art/Science Collaboration In France And Comparison Of Their Features With Those Of A Longer Established One
Coordinator: Christian Jacquemin

Mapping Space: Geographical Information Systems For School Education
Coordinator: Anu Joy

Hackteria.ORG: Nomadic Science And Democratized Labs
Coordinator: Denisa Kera

Artistic Research Collaboratives In Science, Engineering And Technology
Coordinator: Kanta Kochhar-Lindgren, Ph.D.

Feeling Your Way Into STEM
Coordinator: Sarah Kuhn

How I Became An Art[Scient]Ist : A Tale Of Paradisciplinarity
Coordinator : François-Joseph Lapointe

Intellectual Property Issues Arising From Science/Engineering To Art/Design Collaborations
Coordinators: Roger Malina, Audrey Pic and Robert Thill

Interactions Among Scientists/Engineers And Artists/Designers As A Means Of Encouraging Unique Perspectives On Today’s Challenges
Coordinator: D.L. Marrin

Prospective Interfaces Between Art + Science + Technology + Society, In, And From, The South Cone Pacific
Coordinator: David F. Maulen

Important Principles Involved In Considering Race And Ethnicity In STEM Outreach Initiatives
Coordinators: Dr. Jerome Morris and Dr. Alan Shaw

The Cross-Disciplinary Challenges Of Visualizing Data
Coordinator: Isabel Meirelles, USA

Complex Contemporary Art Organizations: New Transdisciplinary Models
Coordinator: Philip Nadasdy

Co-Operation Cuisine: SEAD Interactions In Foodscapes
Coordinator: Alok Nandi

Towards A Taxonomy Of The Challenges Within Typologies Of Collaborations Between Art – Design – Engineering – Science – Humanities – A Practical Guide
Coordinator: Jennifer Kanary Nikolov(a)

What is an interdisciplinary research team?
Coordinator: Sile O’Modhrain

Scientists/Artists Research Collaborations (SARC)
Coordinators: Jack Ox and Richard Lowenberg

Interaction Design And Liberal Arts Education
Coordinator: Oguzhan Ozcan

The Coming Of Age Of A PhD Program In Digital And Experimental Arts Practice: Lessons Learned And Challenges For The Future
Coordinators: Juan Pampin and James Coupe

The Openlab Network Facilitates Innovative, Creative And Collaborative Research With Art, Community, Design, Technology, And Science At The University Of California Santa Cruz
Coordinator: Jennifer Parker

Fragments /Examples On Science / Art / Collaborations And The Local / Social / Personal Context
Coordinator: Miklós Peternák

Increasing K-12 Student Science Engagement And Learning Through Integrating Mandated Content With Innovation Thinking Skills
Coordinator: Lucinda Presley

How SEAD Could Contribute To Experimental Economics In Action: A Case Study Of Innovation And Entrepreneurship In Support Of Rural Community Development
Coordinator: Joan Quintana

The Importance Of Early And Persistent Arts And Crafts Education For Future Scientists And Engineers
Coordinator: Robert Root-Bernstein, Ph.D.

Case Study: Cultivating Art And Science In The Petri Dish: The Culture At Work Project
Coordinator: Sherryl Ryan

Humanities Education In Karnataka
Coordinator: Sundar Sarrukkai

Humanities In Science And Technology Institutes (A Case Study Of One Institute In India)
Coordinator: Sundar Sarrukkai

Alternative Education Through Community Practices As A Tool For Interdisciplinary Collaboration Initiatives
Coordinator: Andreas Siagian

Cultivating Artscience Collaborations That Generate Innovations For Improving The State Of The World
Coordinator: Todd Siler

Complexity Art: A Pattern Of Transdisciplinary Emergent Properties
Coordinator: Myriam Solar

Can ‘Art-Science’ Provide A Space For Engaging With Or Providing Relevance To Traditional/Artisanal/’Non-Western’ Knowledge Systems Which May Pave The Way For Greater Dynamism In Art-Science Collaboration In Societies Such As India?
Coordinator: Sharada Srinivasan

Opportunities And Obstacles Facing Scientists, Mathematicians, And Engineers Deeply Engaged In The Arts And Design
Coordinator: Carol Strohecker

Gender And STEAM: No Shift Required
Coordinator: Deborah Tatar

Case Study And Lessons Learned: Sauti Ya Wakulima, “The Voice Of The Farmers”
Coordinator: Eugenio Tisseli

Core Concepts: A Model Curriculum For Collaborative Creative Research In Art, Design, Engineering, And Science
Coordinator: Meredith Tromble

Chaos, Computers, And Cyborgs Developing The Art & Technology Practices In Taiwan
Coordinator: Yu-Chuan Tseng

Process Driven Potentials For Interdisciplinary Learning: UBEATS, A 21st Century Model For Science And Music Learning
Coordinator: Cynthia L. Wagoner

A Study Of Art/ Science Collaboration In China And Its Neighbors
Coordinator: Annie Wan

A Case Study On Being Both And Neither: Self-Organizing Art-Science Collaborations Functioning Outside Institutional Structures
Coordinator: Ruth West

Describing Changing Curricula
Coordinator: Roy Williams

A Strategic Experiment For Promoting An SEAD Community Collaboration: A Machine For Testing Whether It Is Possible To Teach Biochemistry To Non-Scientists
Coordinator: Dr. Jonathan Zilberg

Biological Arts
Coordinator: Dr. Ionat Zurr