A Study of Art/ Science Collaboration in China and its Neighbors

Coordinator: Annie Wan

Scientific inventions of Ancient China are immensely important to our global culture and everyday life, while traditional artworks (paintings and sculptures) possess a long history in China. In this time of economic boom in China and its neighbors, science finally meets arts in various ways, such as usage of fireworks and gunpowder in Cai Guo Qiang’s works, interactive art by Feng Mengbo, etc. This paper consists of interviews with artists/ engineers in China (and its neighbors) and their perspectives of art/ science collaboration in this socities. The research analyzes differences and similarities between practices in China (and its neighbors) and that in Western countries. It also investigates their definitions of technologically-assisted art and potential problems in art/ science collaboration. Lastly, it foresees how to extend the boundaries of current art/ science collaboration practice, suggests both possible conceptual and technological developments to artists/ engineers and academia.