Science-Art Interactions in Asia with Particular Reference to India

Coordinator: Dr. Krishna Kumari Challa

Abstract: While North America, Europe and Australia are basking in the glory of new wave science-art collaborations and reaping all the benefits that these interactions are bringing, there are some parts of the world that are relatively untouched by these happenings! Asia, to which the Indian subcontinent belongs, remains almost immune to the developments happening around the world in this subject. With the exception of China, we hardly find any science-art projects here. Moreover, the few science-art interactions that are occurring are concentrated in China, India, Singapore, Indonesia, UAE and Japan. Interestingly these areas with healthy scientific backgrounds are relatively high on the economic scales too in Asia. If we search for science-art interactions in this region, we mostly come up with science and technology assisted art rather than pure science art. This paper discusses the reasons for the dismal performance of science art and science based art in relation to the dynamics of the art world mechanisms in this region and suggests ways to remove the road blocks to make science based art flourish here.