Draft white papers for comment

Published June 18, 2012


Final White Papers

The following draft White Papers are posted for comment. Please send an email to the white paper author.

Transdisciplinarity: Challenges, Approaches And Opportunities At The Cusp Of History
Coordinator:Dr. Martha Blassnigg

Gathering STEAM: Bridging The Arts And Sciences To Expand Public Interest In Science, Technology, Engineering, And Math
Coordinators: Marjory Blumenthal and Ken Goldberg

Breaking Down The Silos: Curriculum Development As A Tool For Crossing Disciplines In The Arts, Sciences And Humanities
Coordinator: Kathryn Evans

SEAD: From Success To Succession
Coordinator: Bronac Ferran

Humanities Education In Karnataka
Coordinator: Sundar Sarrukkai

Humanities In Science And Technology Institutes (A Case Study Of One Institute In India)
Coordinator: Sundar Sarrukkai

Life Lessons From An Artscience Collaboration…
Coordinators: Todd Siler and Geoffrey Ozin

Gender And STEM: No Shift Required
Coordinator: Deborah Tatar

Process Driven Potentials For Interdisciplinary Learning: Ubeats, A Model For Science And Music Learning
Coordinators: Cynthia L. Wagoner

The Dance Of Life: A Biochemistry Learning Machine
Coordinator: Dr. Jonathan Zilberg